Great River Guitar Show

Bring your guitar and hone your skills at a Workshop


Workshop with Tim Sparks Saturday 11:00AM

Learn Eric Clapton’s “If I Could Change the World”

plus fun in drop D

Saturday September 7th 11:00 AM

$20 at the door

Room 406


Workshop with Mark Kreitzer Saturday 12:00

The “CAGED” System, how to unlock your guitar neck

with chords, arpeggios, and scales

Saturday September 7th 12:00 noon

$20 at the door

Room 406

Advance reserve

Workshop with Jerry Kosak Saturday 1:00PM

Slide Guitar Workshop: Blues to Instrumentals

Saturday September 7th 1:00PM

$15 advance or $20 at the door

Room 406

Advance reserve

Workshop with Mike Cramer Saturday 2:00PM

Jazzin' Up the Blues with Mike Cramer
Learn to spice up the basic 12 bar blues chord progression to achieve that uptown, jump blues sound associated with players like T-Bone Walker and Duke Robillard.  Having a basic understanding of barre chords will help you get the most out of the session.  

Saturday September 7th 2:00PM

$15 in advance, $20 at the door. Room 406

Advance Reserve

Workshop with Pat Donohue Saturday 3:00PM

Tips for Arranging, Solo Guitar and Accompaniment

Saturday September 7th 3:00PM

$20 at the door

Room 406


Workshop with Jerry Kosak Sunday1:00PM

Alternating-Bass Fingerstyle and Blues Workshop

Sunday September 8th 1:00PM

$15 advance or $20 at the door

Room 406

Advance reserve